DEMA’s electronic peristaltic pumps are used to deliver cleaners, sanitizers and other additives for a variety of applications. Applications include CIP, parts washing, in-line and water line injection, and many other functions. DEMA offers programmable controllers that utilize a probe to measure conductivity to activate, probeless systems that activate on time, and probeless systems with variable speed control. Dema also offers manually started time systems and systems for more traditional dish / ware washing, laundry and drain dosing applications.

DEMAMaster Probe Systems / Electrical Conductivity Controllers

The Dema Master Probe systems automatically inject chemical when the dispenser receives a trigger signal from the probe. They are ideal for maintaining chemical concentration in a tank and or reservoir and are easy to program with traditional analog programming. DemaMaster is housed in DEMA’s most splash and debris resistant enclosure and has a mounting bracket for fast installation and uses the quick change blue pump for fast tube changing.

Model No.
Number of Chemcials
Pump or Solenoid Valve
DM-811-1-1T 1 Pump
DM-811-D-1T 1 Solenoid Valve
DM-821-L-1T 1 Large Pump (40 oz/min)

Water Treatment Brochure

FlexFlow Piston Diaphragm Pump

DEMA’s FlexFlow is the ideal solution for water treatment plants, greenhouses, orchards, car washes and other industrial application to deliver acids and virtually any chemical directly into pressurized water lines. PDP is simple to use and program with state of the art technology that can vary chemical deliver volumes for changes in water flow and pressure for a precise downstream solution.

  • Uses dry pulse from water meter for accurate proportional chemical injection across changes in water flow and pressure
  • Probe allows unit to display pH, multiple alarm options and probe based chemical injection (instead of water meter pulse injection)
  • Easily programs with keypad and liquid crystal display
  • Built-in priming valve eliminates air in chemical feed line and potential for inaccurate dilutions
  • Dust cover protects display and keypad
  • Multiple models available for higher or lower pressure and higher volume

Flex Flow Acid/Fertigation Brochure

Dispensing Catalog