GC Valves provides a variety of products and systems to a number of different industries and application such as carwash, water quality, misting, food processing, combustion and medical to name a few.

Type of Applications


Air | Gases

Brass, Stainless Steel or Plastic bodies with durable nitrile or Viton seals to 2″ NPT   Learn More

Water | Anti-Water Hammer | Light Oil

Water valves for non-potable water and similar liquids; “4” & “1” bodies protect piping systems from water hammer.   Learn More

Drinking Water | Lead Free | NSF-61

“No Lead” designs that meet US Safe Drinking Water Act; Stainless Steel and Plastic from 1/8″ to 2″ NPT.   Learn More

Steam | Hot Water

Brass and Stainless Steel Valves with Teflon and EPR seals; 50 psi, 100 psi and 150 psi versions.   Learn More

UL Safety Shutoff | NEMA 7 & 9

Fuel Oil and Natural Gas pilot valves; Explosion Proof housings.   Learn More

Zero Pressure Differential to 2″ NPT

Solenoid valves designed to open without a minimum pressure differential; ideal for tank drains and closed systems.   Learn More

Chemicals | Soaps

Solenoid Valves Manifolds and single valves used to dispense liquids or gases in laundry, parts washing, ware washing, car wash.   Learn More

Solenoid Valve Manifolds

Single inlet and multiple outlets — or multiple inputs and single output — used for dispensing, selecting, sampling.   Learn More

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Nylon, noryl, stainless steel, inert coatings, FFKM seals and much more: standard and customer designs.   Learn More

Industrial Vacuum

3-way Operation

Normally closed, normally open, Universal, Diverting, Selecting in pipe sizes up to 3/4″ NPT.   Learn More

High Pressure | Cryogenics

Direct acting and piloted piston designs to 2200 psi; CO2 and similar cryogenic liquids and gases.   Learn More

Special Ports

Push fittings, flanged ends, SAE ports and many custom options.   Learn More

Hard To Handle Fluids