Float valves automatically maintain a desired level of proportioned mixture in any drum, tank or other type of reservoir. DEMA uses magnetically activated “snap acting” float valves that provide full water flow at 2.5 gpm, 4 gpm and 22 gpm to activate the chemical proportioners and a water valve only that fills reservoirs at up to 64 gpm. DEMA’S float valve systems are ideal for car washes, carpet cleaning machines; rapid filling of totes and anywhere a large volume of chemical or water is needed..

Watch Guard

WATCH GUARD™ is the reservoir-mounted float valve system designed to cut service and maintenance costs. Watch Guard delivers reliable water valve activation every time with superior features for greater reliability. The float is filled with water soluble material instead of the standard system-clogging sand. The 90° chemical barb rotates 180° to ensure the chemical pick-up tube does not kink. And metering tips screw in, ensuring proper installation and no damage during maintenance. A number of different models are available for different fill rates and chemical induction.

Industrial Catalog

Model No. Induction Rates Flow Rate—(GPM @ 40 PSI) Backflow Protection Mounting Bracket
min max
Chemical Induction Systems
440.22T 430:1 4:1 4.0 No Yes
440.22TX 430:1 4:1 4.0 No No
440.23T 430:1 4:1 4.0 Action Gap Yes
440.23TX 430:1 4:1 4.0 Action Gap No
440.32BT 387:1 7:1 4.0 Action Gap Yes
440.24 195:1 2:1 2.5 Action Gap Yes
437P.21 512:1 10:1 22.0 Siphon Breaker Yes
Water Fill Systems
440N N/A N/A 6.0 N/A Yes
440NX N/A N/A 6.0 N/A No
437PN N/A N/A 64.0 N/A Yes
437PNX N/A N/A 64.0 N/A No